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Consultancy Services

1) Initial Public Offering Consulting
Our proven process helps entrepreneurs take their company public through an initial public offering.
Use shares to complete acquisitions, recruit talent, raise capital and create significant wealth.

2) Fund Raising

Our fund raising team assist clients with both their equity and debt requirements and provide advisory services related to private equity, mezzanine and debt financing.

Our team interacts closely with private equity funds, venture capital funds, high net worth investors on an ongoing basis and has a good understanding of their focus, investment criteria, thesis and philosophy, and preferences which help us to facilitate the most appropriate investor-company fit, thus delivering the best value.

3) Business Matching

If you are planning to develop your business in the fast-growing markets or expand your sales through partners in different countries, our business matching service is the solution for you to identify and select the right partners that best suit your needs.  we can perform customized search of suitable partners based on your specific requirements.

Through our business matching services, we help growing businesses to:

  • Find strategic partners to expand to new markets

  • Find investors for funding

  • Find manufacturers or suppliers to support the production chain

  • Find wholesalers, distributors or buyers to sell to new markets or expand market share

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